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Analog vs High Definition Security Cameras Posted on October 14, 2014 by

You probably will never ask someone to put a Tube TV and a VCR in your home theatre. This comparison is exactly why the next generation of cameras is high definition. The difference is remarkable. According Jeff White, Security Alarm Corporation’s certified technician and camera specialist, “the difference between analog vs. high definition is huge. The number one advantage of high definition is face recognition. Or, you have the capability to read a license plate 50 feet away with the right kind of IP camera and its placement.” He went on to say, “the software capabilities can be programmed in such a way to count number of customers who may into your store. The possibilities are endless.”

An example of a high definition camera:

High Definition Cameras Catch the Details

The resolution of a 1 MP hi def camera is 2.5 times greater than analog camera. When you consider that most high definition cameras are at least 2 MP, there is no comparison in clarity. The bottom line is, the images from an HD system are significantly better than those from an analog system. This means that you are more likely to be able to recognize and identify a person or vehicle via an HD system. High Definition is rapidly replacing the analog systems.

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