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How Does a Commercial Fire Alarm System Work? Posted on July 27, 2018 by

Commercial Fire Alarm System

If you own a hotel, convenience store, restaurant, or some other commercial structure, then at some point your fire alarm has been activated whether intentionally or by accident. We all know fire alarms are loud. They can even feel too loud. We also know that as soon as the fire alarm sounds, the police and […] Read More

Why Hospital Fire Alarms are So Important Posted on March 8, 2017 by

Nearly every hospital in America has a commercial fire alarm system, and if they don’t, they should. Hospitals house millions of dollars worth of equipment and are accountable for countless people. It is imperative that their fire systems are up and running at all times. However, it should be noted that certain things within the […] Read More

How to Prepare for a Visit From the Fire Marshal Posted on August 24, 2016 by

If you own or manage a business or organization, it’s important that all your fire detection and safety equipment is inspected and tested on a regular basis. Like any equipment, regular upkeep is important so that those safety measures do not fail when the need arises. If you have a sprinkler system, fire alarm system, or […] Read More