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How to Secure a Jewelry Store Posted on May 17, 2017 by

Men wearing masks robbing a jewelry store.

Jewelry stores will almost certainly be common targets for burglars for as long as they exist. Why would burglars waste their time breaking into a location that isn’t guaranteed to provide them valuable merchandise, when they KNOW a jewelry store will have countless dollars’ worth of loot? Jewelry Store Security Systems It makes sense that […] Read More

Panic Buttons for Hospitals Posted on February 14, 2017 by

Every hospital wants to provide a safe environment for employees and patients. In every hospital there is a chance that an angry or unstable patient, distraught family member, someone with a mental illness or a thief will cause or threaten violence in the establishment. Installation of a panic button is a great way to potentially […] Read More

Case Study: Sparta Community Hospital Posted on January 23, 2017 by

sparta hospital in Southern Illinois

CASE STUDY: Sparta Community Hospital Neal, the Director of Maintenance at Sparta Community Hospital, is a name that is well known around our office. As I picked his brain in order to write this case study I joked with him that he is always calling us for something and that I hope that we are […] Read More