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Protecting Construction Zones Wirelessly

Photo: Tyberendt Construction

Time and time again we hear the same story from contractors, “I need to protect my equipment on job sites.” Security Alarm understands that being able to leave tools on site without concern of theft, would be invaluable to contractors. It’s become increasingly difficult to trust one or two pad locks anymore. This is why we have introduced Videofied to our contractor friends.

Videofied is an outdoor mobile security system. Security Alarm provides you with a base video unit, a motion detector, and a very small keypad, which are all completely weather-proof. The wireless system has a battery life of roughly 2 to 4 years. The motion detector can be mounted wherever you like; on a pole, shed, trailer etc.

Instantly Detect Intruders

IMV-OMV+Logo-Vertical-whtWhen the Videofied system is armed and the motion detector detects movement, it snaps a quick video of the intruder. This footage is immediately sent to a monitoring agency and they decide whether an animal, tree branch, or person has tripped the alarm. If the monitoring agency detects an intruder on the footage, authorities will be notified, and hopefully the trespasser apprehended.


Videofied can be dismounted at any time and easily moved to a new location making it appealing to contractors who often move job sites.

Want more information on how Videofied can help you minimize theft and provide added piece of mind? Contact the security solutions experts at Security Alarm today.

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