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Free Security System Posted on June 14, 2014 by

You’ve likely seen the ads from the national security companies that promise a “FREE Home Security System!” Do you believe it? If that is the offer you want, we want to keep your business, so we’ll match that offer, but honestly we don’t think the system covers enough of your home to make it effective.

What Security System is Best for You?

Over time, this “free” system from the national companies costs more than if you were to install the custom designed system, recommended by Security Alarm. Custom designed alarm systems allow more of the most desired system upgrades including the smartphone controls. Smartphone controls allow you to control your security system, receive text alerts and even video of events at home and convenience to your busy life. Our competitors’ “free” systems are not conducive to upgrades of any kind and if you want to expand the coverage to encompass your entire home, the extra fees for more components will add up fast. In the same ad, the competitor is pushing the cell phone interactive services, but when you read the fine print, that functionality is not included in the free system.

Security System to Meet Your Needs

At Security Alarm, we aim to please, so if you prefer the competitor’s offer, call us or contact us online and we’ll match it. But if you prefer total home security coverage, that includes fire and carbon monoxide detection, and the capability to add smartphone controls, we will custom design a system to meet the needs of your home and your lifestyle.