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Home Panic Buttons Posted on March 25, 2016 by

Protection From Home Invasion“Crash!!……”. Everyone knows that hearing a sound like this coming from your kitchen in the middle of the night while you lay warm in your bed is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can have. Thoughts begin to race, “Did I leave a pan out? Was it the dog? Did one of my kids wake up for a late night snack? Or is it an intruder? Are they coming for my family?” The questions in your mind are endless. What do you do? It’s at this moment that a panic button by the side of your bed could potentially save your life.  If you peep out your door and identify that an intruder is indeed in your home, than instead of engaging you could silently press your panic alarm and help will instantly be dispatched to the scene.

kids safety blog“Help! I can’t breathe…..”. This could potentially be the cry of a family member with a severe medical condition in a moment of crisis. Does anyone in your home suffer from a life threatening condition? Does that individual ever stay at home alone by themselves? If so there may come a time when they are in need of urgent medical assistance but they have no way to get help, and their voices are far from being heard. A panic button could save their life. With the press of a button help could be on their way.

“Mom? Dad?…..What do I do?!?”. If you have kids, then there are times when your older kids probably watch the younger ones when you are away. As many times as you may have gone over the procedures for accidents or moments of crisis, there is the possibility that in shock all rational thought goes out the door. What then? As said before, if you had a panic button in your home for emergencies then one of your children could press that button and know that help was on the way.

There are countless scenarios in which a Security Alarm panic button could save you or a loved one’s life. Some say, “it’s too expensive”. How much is life worth to you? Please call us today at 618-548-5768 or contact us online. Let us talk with you about our panic buttons and how they might save your life.