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Home Security for Southern Illinois Parents Posted on October 18, 2017 by

Recently we had someone tell us a story that had happened to a friend of theirs. While listening to the story we were once again reminded why we do what we do.

Here’s the Story:

Children's Sleep Over

Here not too long ago, there was a young family living in a nearby Southern Illinois town that experienced a scare all parents hope they never face.

The couple had gone to sleep for the night, and their little girl who had a friend over ended up staying up later playing around the house like kids at sleepovers do. Well, sometime during the night these two friends decided that they really wanted some toys. So they thought, “Well hey, we want toys, and the toy store has toys, so why don’t we just walk over there and get some”. Now in our adult minds that simply seems a bit crazy. We know that stores like this aren’t open at late hours, but these little girls didn’t and they were bound and determined to go shopping.

So the two put on their shoes and went for a walk with the goal of reaching their favorite store. Thankfully as they walked down the street, a police officer noticed the two girls and knew that it was not safe for two young kids to be out alone this late at night. He asked them where they were going, and they told him they were headed to the toy store. You can imagine how the rest of the story went. The officer got them home safely and their parents, who didn’t know they had made their escape, were BEYOND grateful to have the kids back home safely again!

A Security System Could Have Alerted Parents to This Danger

A Little Girl Headed Out Alone at Night

As we listened to this story, we wondered how many families throughout Southern Illinois this has happened to over the years.

The fact is you can’t keep an eye on your kids’ every single move, but you can put up safety measures to keep them as safe as possible. This scenario is exactly why many parents invest in a security system. Arming the system up at night will alert them to ANYONE coming or going via a window or door or any entrance. This layer of security could be what saves your child from an innocent but grave mistake.

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