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How Secure is a Wireless Security System? Posted on December 28, 2016 by

Many, if not most, of our customers out there have one of our hardwired security systems in their home or business. Hardwired systems have a control panel which is the “brains” of the system. This is typically located in a closet or a hidden location. Each device, including the keypad, is hardwired back to the central location. This means, if a burglar were to break in and smash the keypad, it would still send an alarm signal to the authorities because the “brains” are not in the keypad.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless systems are a little different in that they often provide a keypad that also doubles as the control panel. This means that your keypad is also the “brains” of the entire system. Wireless systems are simple and compact. Some people may be concerned about having the brains of the system built into the keypad that is so near the entrance. What if a burglar were to break in and smash the keypad or dunk it in water to render it useless? How would the police know you’ve been broken into when the control panel is destroyed?

How Safe is Wireless Security?

With completely wireless systems there is APL technology to address this situation in particular; this stands for Advanced Protection Logic. When the alarm is set and a door is opened it sends a signal to the alarm monitoring company. Once your 4 digit code is entered and the alarm is turned off, it sends another signal letting them know that the alarm has been turned off and the system is intact. If the alarm is not turned off and the second signal is not received, then this would be treated as a real alarm and the authorities would be notified. These signals counteract the possibility of a thief smashing the system and a signal never making it through.

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