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How to Childproof My Toddler’s Room Posted on September 28, 2017 by

All new parents, grandparents, or even friends that sometimes babysit, at some point wonder, what are the best ways to childproof a toddler’s room? There are countless things you could do to secure a room if you wanted to go all out, over the top secure. However, there are a few basic things that you should at least be aware of and probably account for in your child’s room.

7 Tips for Toddler-Proofing a Home

1. Bookshelves

Let’s just all go ahead and admit that we climbed on bookshelves as a child even after we were told not to. Who wouldn’t want to climb a cool looking ladder? Nearly every child , when they are learning to climb, gravitates to furniture that looks climbable. That’s why it is important to anchor certain pieces of furniture to the wall; furniture such as bookshelves, or maybe side tables with low rungs.

2. Beds

Rolling out of beds is also a common mishap with youngsters who haven’t been sleeping in a big bed very long. That’s why toddler rails are a great safety addition to the room. They are imperative for top bunks but also good for low beds as well.

3. Baby Gates

Baby Gates save lives. Really, they do. A baby gate should be placed at the top and bottom of all steps. This eliminates children attempting to climb up or down steps while unattended. Baby gates can also be used to block off any area you don’t want your child “toddling” into. They can create the perfect “play area” room.

4. Electrical Outlets

Here is one that almost everyone knows and has thought of – electrical outlets. Keep them covered and blocked if possible.

5. Drapery Chords

Drapery chords are another potential hazard for children. Chances are your children will play with the drapes just like most children. They will hide behind them during hide-and-seek or lie on the floor and just mess with them. It is best to keep the drape chord out of reach. These chords make a loop at the bottom and can be very hazardous if they get wrapped up in them.

6. Toys

Kids want what they want and will go to great efforts to get whatever object has captivated their attention. This is very much true with toys. When your child sees a toy they want, good luck stopping them. This is why it’s recommended that favorite toys not be placed on high shelves which could be hazardous if a child were to attempt to reach it.

7. Cameras

Last but not least, we recommend wireless, standalone camera from Security Alarm. This camera will allow you to check in on your phone to see how your child is doing, and if they are safe and sound. These cameras are reasonably priced and easy to move from one room to the next. You deserve peace of mind and you just can’t put a price tag on that.

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