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How To Test A Home Security System Posted on October 19, 2018 by

Many people pay for 24-hour monitoring of their home security systems.

Not only does 24/7 monitoring give you peace of mind, but it helps you sleep better at night knowing that if someone tries to break in that help is on the way.

The main issue here is that many homeowners possess a false sense of security. They genuinely believe their system will save them in the event of an intruder or fire. But, will it?

The fact of the matter is that even with the comfort and assurance homeowners believe they’re getting, most of them never test their system, meaning they’re trusting a means of protection that may or may not even be working correctly.

For this reason, Security Alarm strongly recommends the regular testing of home security systems.

Home Security System Testing

Before testing your home security system, call your security provider for instructions on how to put your system into test mode. Once your system is in test mode the signal being sent to the monitoring company will be disregarded, and you’ll avoid false alarms with rescue personnel.

Next, you need to decide if you prefer to conduct a complete system test or a partial test to verify that the alarm system is sending signals.

Complete Home Security System Test

In order to thoroughly test a system, you need to arm up your alarm as if you were leaving your home. Then every device should be systematically tested. Windows and doors should be opened, and motion detectors intentionally activated by walking in front of them.

Upon completion, the system should be reset, and the monitoring company can verify that they received alarm signals from all of the tested devices.

Partial Home Security System Test

To conduct a partial test, you will again arm your alarm system as if you were leaving your home, but instead of tripping every device, you only trip one device.

Once you’ve tested the chosen device, check with your monitoring company to verify that the alarm signal sent and then reset the system.

This partial test verifies that your alarm system is communicating correctly.

How Frequently Should I Test My Home Security System?

Unlike commercial facilities, residential homes and small businesses aren’t required by law to perform a regular test of their alarm system. However, the US Fire Administration recommends homeowners test the fire devices on their system at least once a month.

Not every home security system has smoke detectors and other fire devices as part of the system. Those that do should make a point to test those specific devices monthly.

Not only should you conduct routine home security system testing on the schedule you deem appropriate for your system, but after any type of work has been performed at your home.

For example, work on your phone and cable lines, remodeling projects, and tree removal can all inadvertently interfere with your home security system.

Professional Home Security System Testing

At Security Alarm, we understand that proper, routine testing of your home security system can mean the difference in a safe and secure home and one that leaves you at risk and vulnerable.

We’re happy to help answer any questions that we can regarding home security system testing.

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