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Keep Your Dog Secure and Healthy Posted on September 9, 2015 by

check-in-on-dogDogs are part of the family. In fact, over 45% of Americans own a dog. And while so many of us love our furry friends, it’s not always easy to keep an eye on them when they’re away. Thankfully, new technology has made it easy to check in, let them outside, and in some cases, even feed our dogs remotely.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Secure

Exercise Him

In order to maintain a high quality of life, dogs need exercise. Without proper exercise, dogs will build up an excess of energy. A pup that may otherwise have been docile and cooperative may quickly become the barking, chewing, hassle of your life. Not all dogs require the same amount of exercise; it all depends upon size and age. The key to exercise is balance. It is important that at the end of an exercise session, your pup is tired yet not exhausted. For out of shape dogs, start slow and then gradually pick up the pace. Remember for a healthy pup they need a healthy balance of exercise and naps.

Feed Him Quality Food

Most people are aware that whole, natural foods are the best for our bodies. We have been warned our entire lives to stay away from processed foods. Well, it’s the same for dogs. It is important that your furry friend is getting the proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is reached by choosey selection of dog food. When selecting a brand of food, ensure that the first ingredients listed are real meats, whole grains, and vegetables. Avoid dog foods with many fillers such as mill run, rice bran etc. Fillers are cheap alternatives which enable companies to meet protein and fat requirements.

Experience New Things

It is important for your dog to experience situations and people that are varied. Taking dogs out of their “comfort zone” will increase their level of confidence.  Frequent, yet gradual exposure to new things means less anxiety in new environments down the road. Less anxiety makes for a more secure puppy.

Provide a Safe Place

When your dog is fearful of a person or situation, consistently provide them with a safe place to go. Your puppy should know that when fear comes their way, they can confidently rely on you to come to their rescue. It is important to build that trust with your dog so that their fear can subside.

z-wave_logoCheck In with Z-Wave

Lastly, in order to keep your dog healthy, happy, and safe we suggest the installation of Z-wave equipment throughout your home. Z-wave technology allows for countless automated features throughout the home that can be remotely controlled from a smart phone. Check in on your dog any time of day, insuring safety and peace of mind.

Dog feeders and potentially doggy doors could be remotely accessed from your cell as well. Small cameras could be installed in order to view your pet remotely, and door locks could be placed on doors in order to remotely unlock and allow the dog sitter access to your home. The possibilities are endless.

For more information on how you can check in on your pet and keep them save and secure, contact the security and home solutions experts at Security Alarm.

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