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Life Safety Systems at Memory Care Facilities in Southern Illinois Posted on November 16, 2017 by

Memory Care Facility

Over the past year, we have had the wonderful opportunity to handle security and life safety work at a chain of memory care facilities throughout Southern Illinois. This month we will finish up their 4th location, putting us in Sparta, Centralia, Greenville, and Bethalto, Illinois. We are always excited about the opportunity to help the aging population by providing for their security needs.

Comprehensive Life Safety System for a Memory Care Facility

The three security systems installed at these locations were a nurse call system, access control system, and a fire system. Together, these three are meeting the security needs of the management and residents.

1. Access Control Key Fobs for a Memory Care Facility

The access control system is extremely effective at keeping unauthorized individuals out and residents inside. In today’s world, it is extremely vital to limit the access of people entering facilities due to the high rate of shootings and other violent acts. The card readers placed at entrances allow for either a card or fob to be swiped or a code to be entered in order to grant access.

Benefits of Access Control at a Memory Care Facility

Access Control Fob for a Memory Care FacilityOne benefit of access control is the ability to look back and see who entered at what time if there is ever a discrepancy issue that might arise. This system is also meant to eliminate the possibility of a resident slipping outside undetected. If someone were to attempt to open a door without entering the correct code, the door will sound an alert for 15 seconds to help notify those around that someone is attempting to leave without authorization. After 15 sec, the door would open and a true alarm would occur. This alerts all staff that a resident now had complete access to the outside. There are many more advantages to this type of system, but they are too many to cover here.

2. Memory Care Facility Fire System

Though a fire system is pretty straightforward, it is important to remember that a healthy, well-designed fire system is VITAL for all commercial facilities, especially facilities such as this where people are present within the structure 24/7. It is also important for fire systems to be well maintained and up to code; for that reason, we are excited to be conducting their annual fire inspections as well.

3. Nurse Call System for a Memory Care Facility

Nurse Call System at a Memory Care FacilityDefinitely, the most unique and specialized system at these facilities is the Nurse Call System. In each bedroom and in every bathroom, residents have easy access to a medical alert pull chord. These chords, when pulled in medical emergencies, send a text alert to all nurses and staff cell phones notifying them of which room their emergency is in. In order to keep residents safe outside of their bathrooms and bedrooms, they also wear medical alert pendants around their necks at all times. Not only is staff notified in emergency situations, but they are also notified when a guest needs entry to the facility. These text alerts not only improve the lives of residents and guests but also improve efficiency.

Life Safety Options for Memory Care Facilities

We are excited about these recent installs that were able to help secure several assisted living facilities in Southern Illinois. We are thankful for this platform where we can share with others the type of work that we do on a day to day basis. If we can answer any further questions for you, or if you need information regarding security/life safety systems at a commercial facility, don’t hesitate to contact us.