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Managing Business Security Systems Posted on January 20, 2016 by

Being a business owner has a lot of rewards and challenges. Finding time to be everything to everybody isn’t all that easy, prompting owners to delegate or be selective about what is deemed most important. Before it falls to the wayside, make it a priority to maintain your security system. Here are a few maintenance items to keep in mind:

Keep Passcode Handy

In case the alarm is accidentally set off, it is important to have your system passcode memorized. Your passcode is set up with your service provider (e.g. Security Alarm) and used to avoid the dispatch of police if so desired. More and more police departments are charging individuals when they are dispatched for a false alarm. It would be advantageous for trusted managers to have knowledge of that passcode in order to terminate the alarm before the arrival of the authorities and therefore save dollars.

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In a business, employees come and go fairly often.  That is why it is important for owners or managers to continually continually check call lists for your security system. What is the call list? It’s the list of names and numbers that should be contacted in case the alarm were to trip. It is important that when employees or managers quit, the owners take the time revisit the call list to ensure that it is update so that if an alarm were to occur, the appropriate people would be contacted.

Assign a Contact Person

This tip is not so much for your benefit as it is for ours. It is very helpful as a company to have a contact person to request when we call your business. Obviously the contact person will change, but when this happens, it is helpful for out office staff to receive the name and number of the individual.

Report a Phone Line Change

There is one last item that we can’t stress enough to our Security Alarm customers. If you are thinking of getting rid of your land line telephones, or if you are thinking of changing telephone providers, call us. There are new types of landline phones going in all time that are not compatible with your security system. Please contact us online or call us today if you have landline telephone monitoring with your security system and you recently switched telephone companies.

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