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Prevent Flooding Around the Home Posted on July 29, 2015 by

It has been a spring and summer full of rainy days. And rainy days mean rainy basements, and for some, it means flooding. Unfortunately we can’t keep the rain away, but we can give you a few tips for how to avoid a flooded home and ruined property.

Follow some of the ideas below and you will be headed in the right direction.

Flow of Water   

It is important to check the direction and flow of water around your home. Survey the premises to ensure that rain water is not moving toward the foundation but rather away from the home. Water continually pressing up against the foundation of a home will find its way in one way or another.


Check the gutters. Make sure that the gutters are cleaned of debris. It is important to check these at least twice a year to ensure that water is flowing freely. When water spills over the gutters it slowly rots away at the house eventually allowing water entrance to the home.

Flood Sensors   

It is important for individuals to place flood sensors wherever there is potential for flooding. Security Alarm often installs these sensors for customers and configures it so their phone is notified if any water comes in contact with the sensor. It is a service that could potentially save someone countless dollars and many sleepless nights.

Automated Shut Off Valve          

It would also behoove people to purchase not only flood sensors, but an automated shut off valve as well. This valve is typically placed near the main water inlet inside of the home. When a flood sensor is tripped, it shoots a signal to the shut off valve telling it to turn off the main water to the house. These are so valuable in the case of absence from the home or the inability to get to the valve.

If you have ever experienced water damage, you know how costly repairs can be. Water needs to be removed, mold addressed, and often times items are destroyed and need to be replaced. A small investment in time and sensors could help prevent a future headache or hit to your pocketbook.

For more information on how Security Alarm can help keep you alerted in the event of a leak or flood, contact our experts today.

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