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Preventing Insider Security Threats Posted on July 6, 2016 by

“Like most security threats, the insider threat issue is highly dynamic and adds to the challenge of dealing with this ever present and changing list of top risks. The insider threat problem can be broken down into three specific motivations. The first, and perhaps the most frequently discussed, is an employee that takes sensitive or confidential information from the organization they work for and uses it for personal use or gain. For example, a sales person decides to leave Company A and takes the customer list and contact information for those customers with them when they join Company B, a competitor. Second is the insider that inappropriately acquires or out and out steals proprietary or trade secrets from a company they work for and sells, or in some cases gives it to a competitor or foreign government. The third insider threat scenario accesses and changes data or sabotages the organization’s systems. Many times this is in retaliation for some action or lack of action what wronged the employee perpetrating the act(s). The tactics, methods and motivations continue to change with no end or even a slowdown in site”*.

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Reduce Employee Theft  in Southern Illinois

Why this topic? What does Security Alarm have to offer to the conversation? We can provide closer employee monitoring via access control and video surveillance. Directly, it does not seem that systems such as these would help solve any of the issues mentioned above. However we believe that they can. Though not protecting cyber files of sensitive information online, access control systems do have the power to protect physical data that is classified such as file folders, printed bank information, etc. With an access control system employee’s key fobs will allow them access to only specified areas. The software will also keep record of who accessed certain doors and at what time. Though this will not solve all problems, it will begin the process of keeping employees honest.



Video Surveillance to Monitor Business

Video Surveillance is another form of technology that is an important piece of the puzzle. IP Cameras allow employers to keep an eye on the general function of their business. Yes, it allows them to monitor the actions of employees and potentially catch the unauthorized access to files, or “unusual” behavior in general. However, cameras do more than that, sometimes video footage exonerates employees. This is what we all hope for. We hope that when employers catch word of foul play that the employee can be exonerated by seeing the actually footage on video. As mentioned in the first paragraph some employees take revenge and spread information because they have in some way been wronged by management. Video footage allows head management to ensure that employees are being treated with respect. This not only helps eliminate future “insider threats” but also makes for a good company all around.

There is much in this conversation that Security Alarm can’t bring to the table. There is expertise needed on this topic that simply isn’t our niche. However, some problems can be readily stopped and even prevented by implementing access control and IP cameras within your corporation.

For more information on how to prevent insider theft and threats, give us a call or contact us online. Our security experts can help you determine the best solution for your business.


Source: Security Magazine “The Greatest Challenge: The Insider Threat