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Protect Your Kids with a Monitored Fire Alarm Posted on April 27, 2016 by

The Fire Monster

Fire is a monster that often needlessly steels lives! Every single day one child dies from a house fire and 293 are seriously injured and burned.  This means that while you and I are enjoying our day with friends and family and simply going about life, somewhere 293 different families are hoping and praying for healing and protection. Two hundred and ninety-three families have been affected by the monster that is given far too much power within our homes. We feed its power by failing to take precautions against it. Many of us have inadequate fire systems in our homes and some of us don’t even know how to operate the fire extinguisher. It’s a wonder that more kids lives aren’t taken by Fire.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

Boy Dangerously Playing With The Knobs On The Oven

All firemen will tell you that ANY smoke detector is better than NO detector at all; even the cheap ones from Wal-Mart. However, the most effective option for your home and family is monitored smoke detection. This means that when a smoke detector is tripped, it sends a signal to a monitoring company. They in turn call you first. If you answer, give your password and let them know that it was a “false alarm” such as your burnt toast, then they will terminate the alarm and not notify the fire department. However, if you fail to answer when they call they immediately notify the authorities. Their prompt alerting of the fire department is what sets monitored detectors apart from stand alone detectors (like the ones in Wal-Mart). Stand alone detectors will beep, but what if you are in a deep sleep and don’t wake up? What if you are out of town and are unaware of the flames within your house? What if your children our home alone when the detector sounds?  Stand alone detectors will notify no one. They are better than nothing at all, but fall short of what is needed.

Operating a Fire Extinguisher

Fire Plan and Extinguishers

Your home needs a fire plan. No matter how simple it is you need to have one. There are many places online that have examples sketched out. Look them up and alter it to fit your home. Always remember that PRACTICE is the key to all successful fire plans. It does no good to have a plan which is never practiced because in the moment of panic no one will know what to do. Get your family together, make a plan and practice.

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