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Get Security Special

Get protection and peace of mind with our affordable home security package. Our starting package features a single-button operation control panel with full voice response, remote phone control, and backlit display. When programmed, it will notify our monitoring station if the alarm goes unarmed during it’s scheduled session. Our remote key fob, allows you to arm the alarm once you’ve shut your door. This comprehensive starter package includes door sensors for three doors (such as the front, back, and garage entrance)  which provide an initial line of defense, and monition detectors which allow the system to detect any unwanted intruders in specific areas of the home.


  • Control Panel
  • On/Off Keypad
  • Remote Key FOB
  • Siren
  • Three Door Sensors
  • Motion Detector
  • Yard Sign

With 3 Year Contract: Installation: $99.00 & $35.00/month

No Long Term Contract: Installation: $525.00 & $22.75/month

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