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Should I Monitor My Refrigerator and Freezers? Posted on October 14, 2015 by

Refrigerator thermometer spoilage area macro detailThe average American spends $151 per week on food. Let’s assume that $125 of that goes into the fridge or freezer. We all know that there is always more food stored in freezers and refrigerators than what was purchased in just one week. So let’s also say that the dollar value of all of the food stored within refrigerators and freezers at any given time is roughly $300. This is not including any deep freezers that families may have. That amount of money is quite a sizeable investment.

With that in mind, shouldn’t the loss of power in our home concern us? Don’t we want to be alerted if our 4 year old leaves the freezer door open?  Obviously throwing away all the time we spent shopping in the grocery store is never fun, but even worse is losing that large sum of money; however, there is a way that all of this can be avoided.

Three buckets trucks lift linemen to top of electricity pole. Three repairmen combine knowledge and repair power outage.Be Alerted About Power Outages

Security Alarm’s mobile security app has countless features that many customers are unaware of. One such feature is the notification for loss of power. This mobile app will send text/email alerts to business or home owners in the case that their residence or office loses power. It will send messages alerting to the restore of electricity as well. If we are on vacation and our home loses power, without text notifications we would never be aware of the problem and could potentially cost ourselves a fair sum of money. However, with notifications we could quickly send a friend to our home for rescue.

Prevent Food Spoilage

Another feature that Security Alarm offers in order to minimize the risk of dollar loss in regards to food, is a temperature alarm. With a temperature alarm inside of your appliance, you can receive text alerts via the mobile app alerting you to a drop or spike in temperature. This change in temperature could be due to small children opening the door and failing to ensure that closes. With a temperature alarm in place parents could be immediately alerted when a child leaves the door ajar.

Don’t risk losing money. Invest in Security Alarm’s remote security app and always be aware of what is happening within your home!

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