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Sun Setting Over a Small Town

Maybe you’re like me and you love small towns. There is something about these quaint places that warms my soul. Maybe it is the similarities of my own small town here in Southern Illinois or perhaps it is the fact that small towns typically give an accurate picture as to what life is like in that geographical area.

Cities are incredible and definitely have their own culture, but often it is the small towns tucked away that still hold strong to old culture, and tradition; they remain less tainted by the commercialism and materialism of today. So let’s say in 2017 or 2018 you hope to visit a small town with a population less than 13,000, where should you go?

According to Country Living, the following 18 towns have a charm that is next to none!

  • Ligonier, PA – population 1,573- founded in the 1760s – home of Idlewild Park, one of the oldest amusement parks in the country.
  • Leavenworth, WA – population 1,992- founded in 1906 – this entire little town is modeled after a Bavarian village and began as a small timber community. With unique architecture it feels almost like another country.
  • Stowe, VT – population 4,339- founded in 1763- home of Vermont’s highest mountain, Mount Mansfield, Stowe attracts countless of skiers every season and still others because of adorable New England appeal.
  • Lieppers Fork, TN – population 650 –founded in the late 1700s – This small town nestled in the foothills of Tennessee holds the slogan “if Sunday morning had a hometown, the charming village of Liepper’s Fork might very well be it.”
  • Maysville, KY – population 8,920 – founded in 1787- this quaint river town is the home of Bierbower House, which during the Civil War was a very important stop along the underground railroad. Located on the Ohio River, this town is chock full of history waiting for its next curios visitor.
  • Beaufort, SC – population 12,967 – founded in 1711- this is the second oldest town in South Carolina and a place that is simply bursting with Carolina charm.
  • Carmel by The Sea, CA– 3,842- picture little cottages and the quiet waves of the ocean sprinkled with quirky California charm.
  • Rhinebeck, NY – population 2,636- founded in 1788- Rhinebeck NY is nestled in the Hudson Valley and home of the oldest operating Inn started in 1766.
  • Mystic, CT – Population 4,205 – founded in 1665- first settled by indigenous people and later by the English in the 1700s- an old seaside town with history as one of the leading sea ports in the area. Today it houses the nation’s largest maritime museum.
  • Abingdon, VA – Population 8,206 – founded in the 1700s -this little town located southwest of Roanoke, has no shortage of art galleries, museums, and prides itself of a healthy craft scene.
  • Jackson, WY – 9,577-though originally the home of native Americans, the town was later named in 1894 – Often reffered to as “Jackson Hole” this cowboy town is the vacation spot for countless skiing families every year.
  • Dahlonega, GA – Population- 6,049- founded in the 1800s during the first major US gold rush- besides being a historical marker of the first major gold rush, Dahlonega prides itself on having some of the best wine in Georgia.
  • Ketchum, ID – Population 2,706 – founded in 1880- This little town in the wood river valley is the destination for those wanting to fish, hike, trail ride, play tennis, ski and much, much more.
  • Edgartown, MA – Population 3,779- founded in the 1600s – In the old days this little town was known for whaling and was the home of many sea captains. Today it is a getaway for many that love the smell of the salt air. Many of these old captain’s homes are available for rent today.
  • Frankenmuth, MI – Population 4,898- founded in 1845 – This little Bavarian town is home of the world’s largest Christmas store.
  • Marfa, TX – Population 1,819 – Founded in 1880s- Though once just a water stop for the railroad, this town is now a hub for many artists.
  • Breckenridge, CO – Population 4,648 – Founded in 1859 – This Colorado mountain town is hands down known for its picturesque mountains and snow skiing culture.
  • Sitka, AK – settled in 1799- Originally settled by the Russians this small mountain town the home of many nearby glaciers still shows the flavor of its original settlers.

Country Living graciously provided us with a list of these 18 fantastic small towns in America, now it’s time for you to choose which cozy little town will be your next vacation destination! However, if you live here in the Southern Illinois region, you may not have to travel far to find a great small-town vacation spot. We have some of the greatest little towns in all of America!

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