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If you choose an alarm company other than Security Alarm and you haven’t been satisfied with their service, chances are you've heard yourself say:  

"Their service response is too slow!" (like 1-2 weeks!)

"Our monthly bill is too high"

"They’ve got us stuck in a 3-year service plan"

"I wish we could switch!"

Security Alarm can almost always take over your system and switch to our service with NO UPFRONT COST

What you can expect from Security Alarm:

  • Fast, Southern Illinois local service - We service every request within 48 hours, and we guarantee service within 24 hours to our Family Service Plan members
  • Lower monthly fees - for most customers who switch to Security Alarm
  • Freedom to leave at anytime - We have 1-yr service contracts, but if you’re not satisfied, we’re not going to make you stay

We’ll even buyout your existing contract with another security company if you have less than 12 months remaining on your contract.

What should you expect after you fill out the request to "Make The Switch"?

  • One of our security experts will contact you and schedule a time for us to come to your home and make sure your current system is working properly
  • If anything doesn’t work, you don’t have 100% coverage, or you want something upgraded - we’ll tell you the price for the work right away
  • Once you’re satisfied, we’ll switch your system over and pay any necessary buyout
  • It's back to sweet dreams knowing that Security Alarm has you covered day and night

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We love every family uniquely, ‘cause every home is different.

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It's easy to switch

Tell us a little more about your existing system and one of our security experts will be back in touch to review your options.

Make The Switch

100% Privacy Guaranteed.

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