Tech’s Pick – Home Security Tips From Joe

Tech’s Pick – Home Security Tips From Joe Posted on June 26, 2019 by

home security tips from JoeThis Month the “Tech’s Pick” blog, we will be highlighting Joe Morrison.

Joe is one of our burglar alarm installers. He has been with us a little over three years now and does a phenomenal job. He is not only a great installer but he also is good at troubleshooting, so you’d be lucky to get him out to your home or business on a service call.

Question: What is your favorite feature or product that Security Alarm can provide?

Answer: My favorite security feature would be the ability to check in on your home from anywhere in the world that you have cell service or a WiFi connection. With Remote Safe you can always be connected to home.”

Remote Safe: Keeping You In Control

Remote Safe, powered by Total Connect and MyVirtual keypad, transforms your security system panel into the ultimate control panel for your home. It gives you remote access through your web-enabled smartphone, laptop or tablet. 

The possibilities are endless and are tailored to meet your needs. Remote Safe helps you utilize your smartphone to turn your home into a smart home! 

The home automation functions you can control include:

Thermostat controls

Save energy on heating and cooling bills by setting the thermostat and controlling it while you are away. This is a great tool for people who travel often or may want to manage the climate controls on their second home.

Appliance modules

Control lights, ceiling fans, blinds from the touch of a button.

Environmental Detectors

Protect your home from damage by receiving alerts from water bugs, and fire devices.

Security System Alerts

Receive alerts when your security system is armed/disarmed to be aware of times family (and guests) come and go.

Transforming Your Home Into A Smart Home

Take our tech’s advice. Stay connected to home from WHEREVER you are in the world. It’s an incredible feeling, knowing your home is safely awaiting your return.

Allow our knowledgeable technician’s to customize your smart home for you. We’ll handle everything from proper sensor and camera placement to setting you up with the best types of alerts for your lifestyle.

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