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Specializing Surveillance and Wireless Technology

Security Alarm can design cost-effective monitoring and surveillance systems for your family farm operations. We provide practical applications of the technology and have installed customized camera systems for dairy and horse farmers. Today and in many situations, video feeds can be viewed from computers, electronic tablets and smartphones. Users can also remotely control motorized pan-and-tilt cameras. Now systems can be configured so users can view video images from their home or office. Wireless technology allows users to view watering sites and supplement feeders. They may also be able to monitor grazed forage utilization and animal health status. However, camera applications could expand even more when going beyond today’s wireless technology.

Horse Picture

As farmers, you understand how critical calving or broodmares ready to foal can be. Do not risk missing a birth that needs your attention. Protecting the animals and your investment is valuable to the success of your farm. Births, veterinary emergencies, hauling, security and peace of mind…Security Alarm Corporation can and will meet your needs. We help you through the process of designing and making systems reasonably affordable.

Protecting The Farm Yard

Protect your home and loved ones. Monitor traffic through your home and farmyard. We offer a variety of video solutions for the agriculture world. If you want to speak with someone to be sure your getting the best system for your specific needs, feel free to contact us.