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What Is Perimeter Security? Posted on January 25, 2019 by

Perimeter Security

Often fences simply don’t get the job done. Most companies chose fences as their main line of defense against intruders. They have their place, and usually are necessary; however, they may not always be sufficient.

If you are hoping to protect high dollar equipment or to keep people far away from high-security areas that contain sensitive information, then a tall fence is not enough to rely upon.

How Perimeter Security Works

Perimeter security, also referred to as perimeter protection, is a security solution utilizing technology to secure the perimeter of a property or site from unauthorized access.

Generally speaking, perimeter security is exactly what you’d think — security fencing and gates. However, advanced technology takes it a step further to integrate additional barriers giving you added protection and security against intrusion.

This level of protection works seamlessly with access control and video surveillance as well.

Infrared Light Beam Detectors

If it is vital to keep intruders off of your premises, then beam detectors may be a good solution for you.

A device is mounted on one end of a fence row and the other is mounted at the opposite end. When the devices are activated, an infrared light connects the two ends creating the invisible light beam.

If someone or something walks through a light beam, the alarm is tripped, alerting authorities of the breach. With several light beams along each fence line, it drastically decreases the chances of an individual making it onto your property.

Distinguishing False Alarms From Actual Intrusions

A concern you may have is the possibility of a false alarm due to birds swooping down, for example.

Notice in the picture that there are two sets of two light beams. If a bird were to swoop down and fly through the very top beam but not the other beam right under it, then the alarm would not be activated.

Both beams in a set MUST be severed in order for an alarm to occur. If an intruder severs one beam, they will obviously sever the other as well.

Count On Security Alarm To Protect Your Property

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