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What To Get Your Dad This Father’s Day Posted on June 16, 2016 by

It may be stereotypical to say, but typically it seems to be that MOST men like gadgets.  They like the latest and greatest invention. They like things that they can show off to their friends. Why not get something for your Dad this Father’s Day that not only will be fun to play with but will be practical as well?

Happy loving family. Father and his daughter child girl playing outdoors. Daddy and his child girl in an Superhero's costumes. Concept of Father's day.


TC_iPhone5_AA_disarmWhy not get your dad a security system that he can control with the push of a button even when he is golfing across the country (or down the street). Pretty cool right? Here are just a few of the awesome things he can do with our mobile security app, Remote Safe:

  • Turn the system on and off from wherever. If he leaves the house in a hurry and wonders whether he got the system armed up, all he has to do is pull up the phone and check.
  • Receive text notifications if the kids are getting into the gun cabinet or mini bar. A simple sensor on the door will send a notification when tripped.
  • Find out who was the last person to disarm the system. When people in the home all have different codes to disarm the system with, through the app he can see exactly which code was used to turn the alarm on or off.
  • Be instantly notified if his daughter gets home AFTER curfew. He could set his alarm on a schedule so if the alarm is not disarmed by 10:00pm you would receive a text alert.
  • Lock and unlock doors. Install a door lock and unlock the door for the neighbor or dog sitter while on vacation.
  • Turn lights off and on. When he is away on business, and can’t remember if he turned the lights on to keep strangers away, just log on the app and press the “light bulb” button.
  • Turn down the AC at home before leaving work. Who wants to come home to a HOT house? He can save money by turning the AC on an hour before he arrives home from work.
  • Receive texts if the water sensor in your basement is leaking. He shouldn’t have to worry about flooding while he’s away.
  • Find out instantly if the house looses power and when it restores
  • Lastly, be the envy of all the guys.

This Father’s Day get him something that will make him the envy of all his friends. Your family will have peace of mind, and your husband (or Father) will be happy with his new “toy”.

Give us a call 618-548-5768 and one of our security experts would be happy to talk with you about a home security system, the Remote Safe app, and the countless other devices and features we have to offer!

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