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Wireless Security for People on the Move Posted on April 20, 2016 by

Up until the 21st century, it was highly common for families to live in the same home their entire lives. Sure, they had their childhood home but as soon as they were married or old enough, they would move out “settle down”, find a job, buy a house and never move.  However, this life model is far less common than it used to be. Recent studies reveal that the average American moves once every 5 years! Fewer and fewer people are actually buying homes, and those that are definitely don’t stay in that house forever. Because of the new “rent or move often” model people tend to be less likely to invest in a professionally installed security system because they have this idea that these security systems are too “big” or “complex” to move.  However, this is just not the case.

Wireless Security Systems 

Security Alarm provides the solution for the customer that is always on the move. Our wireless security system is professionally installed, and is monitored 24/7. The wireless system can be as simple or complex as the customer desires. From wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to door and window sensors, Security Alarm can wirelessly install pretty much anything.

Take Your Security System with You

We don’t want your constant moving to keep you from getting the protection your family needs and deserves. Not all security system companies are the same, and up until recently very few offered a moving option. If you invest in our wireless system and then move, we will happily remove your equipment and reinstall it at a different location (within our service area). Although we’re moving more, it’s still not an easy task. It’s important to our customers that we not only make the transition easy, but keep you safe when you arrive in your new home.

Our office staff loves talking with whoever is on the other end of the line! Whether, you are interested in wireless security or simply in need of a good laugh, give us a call at 618-548-5768.

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