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Buying a DIY Home Security System Posted on October 28, 2015 by

diyhomesecurityIf you’ve watched TV or listened to the radio lately, you may have heard advertisements for security systems you can install yourself. These DIY or Do It Yourself systems promise low cost and ease of installation. Once purchased, a homeowner installs the entire system themselves. One of the biggest attraction to these kits is the low cost. Those who cannot or do not desire to spend money on the installation, may find DIYs a comparable solution. And while Security Alarm doesn’t personally sell DIY systems, we want to take some time to share some helpful tips if you’re considering embarking on the DIY journey.

Do DIY Security Systems Require Permits?

Before jumping in and purchasing a DIY system, it is important to research whether or your home or location requires an alarm permit. Often people are unaware that there are certain locations where such permits are law. Before installing a system, find out if your city requires a permit and if so, how to go about procuring it.

Reputable DIY Security System Companies

It would also benefit you to take some extra time to research the various companies and what equipment they provide.  With a self-installed security project such as this, check that the manufacturer or company has good reviews for customer service. The reality is that you may be making more than one phone call during the set up process and it is important that the company is fast and friendly. Look up reviews online to see what other people’s experience has been. On another note, a company can be friendly, and yet provide low quality equipment. Be sure to ask company representatives what brand of equipment they utilize and research it before making a decision

Monitoring for DIY Security Systems

wwmdDo you want your DIY system connected to a monitoring company that will alert the authorities when someone enters the home? While it is important to make sure that you have a permit for your system, it is also just as important that the monitoring company you choose is licensed to operate within the state in which your home is located. Many monitoring companies are located out of state so be sure to verify their operating locations. If a company is not licensed within the state, police will not respond when notified.

Last but not least, it is key that you install the system per the instructions given by the DIY Company. Don’t be a hero. Don’t try and attempt some “MacGyver” type installation you believe may be better and more effective. Follow the instructions carefully and install the DIY security system as recommended in the user manual. Doing so avoids false alarms, and false alarms can cost home owners a significant amount of money.

We hope these tips have helped anyone that is embarking on the DIY home security system journey. At Security Alarm, community comes first. We want everyone to feel and be safe in their homes and that’s why it’s so important to us that you’re informed.

Deciding between a DIY or professionally installed home security systems? Contact the security solutions experts at Security Alarm and we’ll be happy to review your options and help you determine which type of system is right for you.