Restrict access to your bank via building access control systems and get a record of entry and exits. Use key fobs plus pin codes to secure your bank premises then add Dual Authority in high-risk areas to maximize protection.


Use integrated video surveillance systems to deter theft and crime. Get alerts when people or vehicles enter certain areas and use analytics to quickly search through footage. Plus, gain customer insights via internal cameras.


Protect your property with commercial fire alarms and give your workers a panic button to quickly call for help. When an emergency occurs, a 24-hr monitoring company gets your alert and notifies law enforcement.


Take advantage of both IT/server protection and physical asset protection using a combination of remote security solutions, inspections, reports, logs, and customized notifications sent to your preferred device via an app.

Door access control. Staff holding a key card to lock and unlock

Security and Access Solutions

We offer a full suite of security and automation services to ensure your premises and assets are safe. 

Our all-in-one intrusion and access system means you can view all locations on one user-friendly app. 

  • Card and Pin: Staff needs a key fob and pin code to gain access, deterring passback.
  • User Roles: Determine which employees have access to which doors at which times. 
  • Inactive Users: Can be automatically disabled and you can create/disable users via the app. 
  • Schedule and System Times: A hard lock means no one can make changes to door and security system schedules. 
  • Remote Arming: Arm the system remotely from the app.
  • Employee Alerts: Get an alert if an employee forgets to arm the system.
  • Reports and Logs: Automatically create analysis of the activity on the system.


Audit Issues and Solutions

Managing a financial institution comes with unique challenges and we’re here to offer robust solutions that can save you time and money.

Key services include:

  • IT/Server protection 
  • Advanced encryption so cellular backup controllers are virtually unhackable 
  • Environmental sensors and camera protection
  • Dual authority with two-credential door access and logging access via card readers
  • Equipment tests and inspections 
  • DMP panels test sensors by two-way communication, ensuring all issues are known
  • Event search and 90 days of events logs 
  • All events logged for a year, with reports and easy log searching 
  • 90-day camera backups & redundancy
  • Options for storage needs (redundant storage on other properties is best practice)
Encrypted Computer Data


CCTV, security indoor camera system operating with blurred image

Integrated Camera Systems

Track events in minutes with Smart Search! Our advanced integrated security systems combine unhackable cellular technology with high-resolution security camera systems. 

  • High Definition: Easily make out fine details of faces at teller windows and beyond.
  • License Plate Recognition: Cameras located at choke points can recognize and record every plate that enters the premises. 
  • Intrusion Zones and Line Crossing: Draw imaginary lines around pertinent areas within your camera view. The camera will create an event when areas are entered. 
  • Smart Search: Quickly find events by searching for key indicators such as gender, color of clothing, license plate numbers etc. 
  • Multi- Site Platform: View all bank locations via one, user friendly platform. 
  • Easy User Management: Give users access to the app, then give privileges on the fly. Easy to track and manage app users.


Automation Features

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours going over old video footage. Here are key ways we can make your life easier: 

  • Set up Intrusion Zones and Line Crossings, then receive notifications if tripped.
  • Create a “white list” and a “black list” of important license plate numbers that you want instantly notified of upon arrival. 
  • Auto-Bookmart events that occur within designated zones in order to review the following day. 
  • Set up cameras to prompt an action such as sounding a speaker or triggering a light when a particular event occurs. 
  • Get notified when a camera stops working.
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“Excellent service and support. It was great dealing with Security Alarm, my tech has maintained contact and is very professional and efficient. I highly recommend this company!”

– James Lyell, Salem, IL

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