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Every business owner wants to provide a safe environment for employees and customers. With just about any business there is a chance that an angry or unstable customer, disgruntled employee, someone with a mental illness or a robber will cause or threaten violence in the establishment. Installation of a panic button is a great way to potentially mitigate this danger.

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What is a Panic Button?

A panic button is a strategically placed or hidden button that automatically alerts police to an emergency situation. These buttons are small and usually placed in a discreet location, like just under the lip of a desk or retail counter. It’s important to place buttons in locations where employees will likely be at the time of a situation. When a robber yells “freeze” an employee should be able to quickly hit the button without anyone noticing. On duty police in the area will be dispatched to your location immediately.

panic button illinoisDo I Need a Panic Button?

While every business has risk, certain sectors might need a panic button such as:

Panic buttons are also available as a wearable, wireless option of seniors and or others who may need access to immediate help.

DIY Wireless Panic Button System

wireless panic buttonIncludes:

(1) Wireless Controller    (1) Cellular Communicator

(2) Wireless Panic Buttons   (1) All Programming

(1) Installation Tech Support

Equipment & Programming Cost: $400.00 | Panic Alarm Monitoring: $31/month (12 month agreement) | Additional Panic Buttons: $75.00/each

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