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Remote Safe* is our smart home security platform powered by Total Connect and My Virtual Keypad. This home automation platform connects to your security system and gives you access and control to your home security anywhere you have an internet connection.

Tech explaining Smart Home Security Cameras

Smart Home Automation Features

Through our smart home app, you can instantly view the status of your alarm system and arm or disarm at the touch of the screen. You can receive text notifications when the system is armed/disarmed to know when family arrives and leaves the house. Want to give access to a house guest but can’t get home? No problem, you can disarm the security system remotely when they arrive.

Connect electronics, smart door locks, smart thermostats and smart lights to the app, and you can control other automated home functions remotely. Want your house to be lit and warm when you return? Security Alarm gives you the control to do that, and much more.

Add Video for Extra Convenience & Safety

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Install video security cameras that connect to the smartphone security app, and you get the power to check in on events in your home at any time. For parents who want to see what the kids or pets are doing, it provides alerts or live video giving instant access and peace of mind.

Text Alerts security alerts

Set up alerts and be notified when:

  • Someone arrives and/or enters your home
  • A specific door or cabinet is opened (medicine, liquor, guns, etc)
  • Water is detected  – indicating an appliance leak
  • Temperature changes  – indicating an HVAC malfunction

Tell our security system designers your needs and chances are good we can customize the system with the type of alerts you need.

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*powered by Total Connect and My Virtual Keypad

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