A new or upgraded school video surveillance system will provide you with newer technology that will help you achieve your school security goals.


Protect the lives and well-being of your students and faculty with a new or upgraded state-of-the-art fire system.


Remotely access the school surveillance cameras and other security features from any internet-connected laptop, phone, or tablet.


Give your staff, teachers, and faculty the means to quickly call for help in the event of an emergency with a silent, wireless panic button.


Restrict unauthorized adults and students from entering certain areas while providing a verifiable record of access.


Control School Access

Manage who has access to certain areas of your school with an access control system. For example, you can give your delivery drivers a key fob or unique code that only allows them access during a specific time of the day or week.

a school security system controls access for delivery drivers and other service providers


school security solutions like surveillance cameras keep a watchful eye on large areas like parking lots

Protect Your Campus

Surveillance camera systems offer state-of-the-art security features, such as sending administrators a text message if a certain license plate were to enter the premises—this will provide a warning and alert you to people you do not want on school property.


Empower Your Teachers and Staff

You can set up user-access groups for your surveillance cameras. For example, give your coaches access to the cameras in and around the gym to keep an eye on the team, playback live footage for analysis, and even watch the game remotely if they’re unable to attend.

school security solutions like surveillance cameras can also capture other events like sports games


panic buttons, as part of a school security system, enable you to lock down all access points into the building instantly

Lockdown the School Instantly

Seconds count in an emergency. In the event you need to lock down the entire school instantly, it’s as easy as pulling up the app on your computer, tablet, or cell phone and hitting a button. The whole school gets instantly locked down—nobody can enter or exit the buildings or classrooms.




“Quality installation, reasonable price. Ability to cater a system design to meet your needs. I was pleased with their service and installation at my location. The system has worked well without any issue.”

– Randy O.

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