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Account Information

How do I update my call list?
To update, contact our office at 800-252-7621. Before calling, have a list prepared of the names and phone numbers to be added or removed.

How do I change my password? 
Contact our office at 800-252-7621 or contact us online for any changes to your account.

I am planning to move. What do I do?
Contact our office at 800-252-7621. We will walk you through the correct steps and share with you ways you can earn some extra dollars when moving.

Do I receive something for referring a friend?
If you refer a friend and they purchase a system from us, you are eligible to receive either $50 or 3 months of free monitoring. (You must notify us of this referral.)

How do I cancel my account?
Please contact us at 800-252-7621 in order to cancel your account.

Can I pay my bill over the phone?
Yes, we would be happy for you to pay your bill by credit card over the phone. Contact us at 800-252-7621.

Can I pay my bill online? 
We are in the process of adding this function to our account program and our website.

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Technical Questions

What do I do when my keypad says “low system battery”?
This message signals that the large back-up battery inside the control panel needs to be changed. There are three options for changing the battery.

1) We can come out and replace the battery for you.
2) We can drop ship you the battery for $45
3) You can come to the office and pick it up for $35. Please contact us at 800- 252-7621.

How do I silence low battery alerts?
In case of a power outage or if a battery fails to recharge, most systems will begin beeping or chirping. Low battery trouble beeps can usually be silenced by punching in your 4-digit code and pressing“OFF”. Refer to your system manual for specific instructions. Or contact us at 800-252-7621.

What should I do if a door or window sensor falls off?
If a door or window contact becomes dislodged, you can set the system to bypass the zone in which that contact is located, allowing you to keep the system armed. Please refer to your user manual for specific instructions or contact us at 800-252-7621.

How do I silence the alarm?
In order to silence your alarm, punch in your 4-digit code and then press “OFF”.

How do I reset my keypad?
After the alarm has been silenced, punch in your 4-digit code for a second time and then press “OFF”.

How do I arm my alarm for when I am leaving?
When you are leaving your home and no one will be present inside the home, punch in your 4-digit code and press “AWAY”.

How do I arm my alarm for when I am staying at home?
When you are staying at home but would like to arm the perimeter of the house, punch in your 4-digit code and press “STAY” or “INSTANT”. This will allow you to freely roam around your home but will alert you if a door or window is tampered with.

Do you require a landline phone for security system monitoring?+
We no longer require a phone line for security systems. It is still an option; however, most customers are now choosing monitoring that occurs through the cell tower and via the internet. This eliminates the need for phone lines.

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General Questions

Will my alarm work with VoIP phone service?
Security systems do not properly communicate over VOIP Phone Lines. A telephone line must be a standard POTTS line for a security system to function properly. Other alternatives such as cellular and internet communicators are now available.

Can I get the added functionality done in phases if I can’t afford doing it all now? 
If you can’t afford the “ideal” system right now, you can start small and expand it later on. Every security system we install has the ability to have additional features or devices added at anytime.

Will my insurance company give me a discount if I have a security system? 
While all insurance companies vary, most companies offer a 5% – 15% for a “monitored” home security system. Contact us at 800-252-7621 and we can create a document for you to give to your insurance agency.

Will Security Alarm monitor a security system I’ve installed myself? 
Security Alarm can monitor a “self” installed alarm system depending on the situation. Contact us at 800-252-7621 for more information.

Can you activate and monitor the ADT security system that was previously installed in my house? 
Yes! We can generally re-program an existing ADT, Brinks, Vivint, Protection 1, or other previously installed security systems as long we can obtain the master / installers code to the security system. We offer a Free Changeover / Inspection of your security system with a (1) year commitment to our monitoring services. Basic monitoring starts at $22.75/month.

Can I use my smartphone to control my security system? 
Yes, new technology gives you the ability to control your alarm system and other home appliances. Find out more.

Can I use my smartphone to view live or recorded video of what happens in my home?
Yes, you can use your Smartphone, iPad or the computer to view live or recorded images from your home. For more information, check out our Smartphone page.

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How much is a service call?

For a commercial business a service call is $125 per hour.
For residential a service call is $95 per hour.

What are my pricing options?
Click here for more about pricing options.

How much does monitoring cost per month?
Security systems that use a phone line for monitoring cost $22.75 per month. Systems that are wirelessly monitored are $31 per month.

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