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Video Surveillance Systems & CCTV

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Video Surveillance Systems protect your business and much more. New technology enables you to store large quantities of video recording, capture important details, and remotely view live video surveillance at your home or business from anywhere in the world!

Benefits of Video Surveillance

  • Reduce Theft
  • Reduce Workers Comp Risks
  • Enhance Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Your Liability
  • Protect Your Employees
  • Monitor Access
  • Provide Evidence for Criminal Cases

High Definition Cameras Benefit Industries

New Video Technology

Capture Every Detail withHigh Definition IP Security Cameras

Hi-Definition IP cameras offer many features unavailable with traditional analog video including crisp clear video, with HDTV and megapixel technology which allow the ability to zoom in on recorded video. Great for license tag recognition, facial recognition.

Lightfinder Technology – See Important Events at Night

Security Alarm has found that Lightfinder technology is the solution for effectively viewing high-risk areas at night. High Definition cameras with Lightfinder pull what little light is present, and create a colored picture that looks almost exactly like real, daylight video footage. Security Alarm would love to come out to your business or home and discuss the possibility of installing cameras that produce colored, high detailed images 24hrs a day. Sleep better at night knowing that if an incident were to occur, the event would be captured with the greatest level of detail.

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Security Alarm proudly installs products by the following video and camera system providers:

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