Reduce Theft

Implementing video surveillance can deter theft and provide valuable evidence to catch perpetrators.

Minimize Liability

CCTV systems for businesses can help minimize liability by providing visual evidence of incidents and reducing fraudulent claims.

Protect Employees

Enhance workplace safety and protect your employees by monitoring and detecting security threats.

Monitor Customer Behavior

Improve your average order value by observing customer traffic patterns in your store and adjusting accordingly.

Industries We Work With

Video surveillance and CCTV systems offer a wide range of benefits for many different industries, such as:



Brands We Work With

Security Alarm proudly sells and installs products from the following surveillance video and camera system manufacturers:

Affordable Pricing Options

We recognize that each individual’s financial circumstances are unique, which is why we provide a wide range of payment options that include:

  • Low upfront pricing
  • High upfront pricing
  • System lease for a smaller upfront payment and monthly leasing or monitoring fees 

When leasing from us, we guarantee 100% free servicing in the event of any necessary maintenance or repairs.

State-of-the-Art Camera Technology

Human, vehicle and license plate recognition technologies add additional layers of state-of-the-art protection to your building. Check out the below videos to see how this unique technology works.


A store security camera detecting human beings.

Human and Vehicle Detection

Human and vehicle detection technology drastically reduces false alarms from motion created by non-threatening objects.

This technology can determine if a human or vehicle is causing movement—or something else entirely.

The system will generate an alert if it detects a human or vehicle. Anything else that causes motion will not create an alarm.

The line-crossing feature sends an alert to property owners when a human or vehicle crosses into or exits an area.

These features drastically save time, money, and headaches for businesses and other commercial entities that require external surveillance.


Smart Search Technology

Older surveillance cameras made it a pain to search a week’s worth of footage to find one event.

Locating one event is now easier than ever, thanks to camera surveillance systems incorporating AI.

Smart search technology lets you quickly search large amounts of video footage based on certain criteria. For example, the system will instantly find all instances of a man in a green shirt.

You’ll now be able to find specific events in mere seconds instead of taking hours to comb through footage manually.

A man using smart search technology to review surveillance video.


A security camera using license plate recognition technology to identify a car.

License Plate Recognition

License plate cameras allow property owners to capture pictures of any tags that enter the premises.

The system will send an alert if the camera detects a vehicle with a specific license plate number entering your premises.

The potential and opportunities for this technology to protect your business are endless.




“I called Security Alarm to check on cameras for outside since we had used them in our Ag business for years. The process to get lined up was simple and Larry was very thorough in explaining everything.

They were out in just a few days to install them. Both guys were very friendly and professional. It didn’t take long to install and I know they probably had wiring issues to deal with.

They did a great job and the cameras show exactly where I wanted them. I am very pleased with the service and products installed.

– Cindy

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We’re a Local Business and In Your Area

At Security Alarm, we provide video surveillance and security system design and installation services to the cities of Salem, Marion, and the surrounding areas. Call or stop by to learn how our wireless security camera systems for businesses can safeguard your property and assets.


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Video Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many security cameras do I need for my business?

A: This depends on where you want/need to see. Some businesses want a camera at the drive-through window or the cash register. Others want them to watch the entrance or dumpster. We can provide indoor and outdoor cameras with motion detection and many other beneficial features.

Q: How much does monitoring cost?

A: Monitoring starts at about $34/month

Q: Will Security Alarm monitor a system installed by someone else?

A: Absolutely. We can usually make other companies’ equipment work with our monitoring systems.

Q: Is there a difference between a security camera, CCTV, and a surveillance camera?

A: No. These are interchangeable terms. 

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