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Access Control / Door Entry Systems

access control illinois We at Security Alarm believe that an access control system is crucial for the success of some businesses.  Access Control Systems allow you to determine exactly who has access to your facility.  Centrally controlled with computer software, you can track and report who enters and exits the facility, and when.

Thinking of converting your facility to electronic locks instead of managing multiple sets of keys? Convert to electronic door locks and access control and limit access to designated areas, monitor door activity, and buzz in visitors. Regardless of your business size, and how many doors you need to manage, Security Alarm can install an access control system that meets your specific needs.

Access Control/Electronic Door Locks for facilities such as:

  • Office Complexes
  • Places of Worship
  • Schools & Government Facilities
  • Any area that contains confidential information, dangerous materials, or requires highly secure access

Contact Security Alarm for a free site survey and quote on an access control system for your facility or electronic door locks on just a few doors.

Security Alarm proudly installs products by the following access control providers:


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