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Commercial Security Systems

Advanced Technology, Reliable Security Company

commercial security systemsIntrusion detection and security monitoring is a must, but it can be tough to know what security company to choose. Select a reliable security company that also integrates fire detection, access control and video surveillance into a custom designed security package. Let Security Alarm’s experience and expertise provide your business with the most reliable, affordable, and technologically advanced security system available.

Reduce False Alarms

Police departments in Southern Illinois impose fees on businesses that exceed a few false alarms per year which can be costly if security equipment is not maintained or your emergency contacts are out of date.

How does Security Alarm minimize false alarms?

Five Elements of False Alarm Reduction

1. Professionally Installed Security Systems
2. End User Training
3. Proper Placement of Devices
4. Carefully Selected Equipment
5. Frequent Testing / Inspections

Have an existing system?

Do you have an existing security system in your facility? It may be a useful system that we can reactivate and monitor if inactive. Schedule a free consultation with Security Alarm and we’ll help you determine what steps need to be taken to ensure your security system is providing you the best protection for your business.