Secure your farm with an access control system that restricts who can enter and provides a verifiable record of entry and exits. Give authorized personnel key fobs and/or unique user codes so you always know who is where.


Deter theft and crime on your farm with a video surveillance system. Get alerts when people or vehicles enter certain areas and quickly search footage. Plus, improve efficiency in your farm’s operations.


Monitor your farm 24/7 using a remote security system. Use your phone to check on livestock at night, during calving season, or anytime you’re away. Get instant alerts for theft, fire, flooding, mechanical breakdowns, and more.


Protect your farm and livestock with fire alarms and give your workers a panic button to quickly call for help. A 24-hr monitoring company gets your alert and notifies law enforcement.

Secure Your Farm and Reduce Theft

Things have changed since the days when you could leave the buildings on your farms and ranches unlocked and unprotected.

Thieves frequently target farm assets such as air compressors, welding equipment, fencing and electric wire, tools, four-wheelers, and diesel fuel tanks.

That’s why you need an integrated farm security system including:

  • A robust access control system to restrict and monitor who’s entering your farm, outbuildings, and shop
  • Surveillance cameras with motion detection and night vision
  • A burglar alarm system that works
  • Day and night remote monitoring on your phone
A farmer stands beside his outbuildings and equipment.


A farmer uses a tablet to monitor his farm activity.

Monitor Your Property Remotely

The most effective way to deter and catch thieves is to install wireless farm security cameras inside your property and outdoors.

Intelligent video surveillance and remote security equipment let you see what’s happening anytime, anywhere using your preferred device.

  • Draw boundaries around high-value areas and get notified when the line is crossed.
  • Digital footage and Smart Search technology let you quickly find needed evidence.
  • License plate recognition means you can easily vet vehicles entering your premises.


Improve Farm Operations

Farm security solutions do more than protect you and your assets. Security camera systems can also save you time and money when it comes to your day-to-day tasks.

Here are a few operational benefits of installing a security system:

  • Dairy farmers can use cameras to talk to farmhands during the calving process, even if you’re out of town.
  • You can feel more comfortable leaving your property knowing you have cameras right on your phone.
  • Horse farmers may use cameras with audio to detect when a horse has begun foaling.
  • You don’t need to sleep in the barn or go outside every few hours during the night to check if the colt or filly is ready.
  • Farmers can use thermal cameras to quickly identify livestock in the fields at night.
  • You can quickly spot a new calf without taking a trip outside.
  • Installing a security system may also save you money on insurance.
A farmer uses a tablet to gain insights into his dairy herd.


An alert is generated for a water leak.

Customize Your Alerts

Farm security systems can alert you to intruders as well as natural threats like fires and floods. Remote monitoring alerts can also improve employee accountability.

Here are a few alerts you can choose to receive:

  • Sump pump alarms integrated with your security system will alert your phone whenever a sump pump has stopped working.
  • Water sensors can be placed in areas that have a propensity for flooding so you get an alert whenever water is detected.
  • Temperature alarms will alert you when the temperature rises or falls out of range in a room.
  • You can give your employees unique user codes so you know who is disarming and arming your system.
  • Find out when employees are arriving and leaving in the evenings.




“I called Security Alarm to check on cameras for outside since we had used them in our Ag business for years. The process to get lined up was simple and Larry was very thorough in explaining everything. They were out in just a few days to install them. Both guys were very friendly and professional. It didn’t take long to install and I know they probably had wiring issues to deal with. They did a great job and the cameras show exactly where I wanted them. I am very pleased with the service and products installed. Thanks!”

– Cindy, Salem, IL

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