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Whether you are interested in a wireless surveillance system or hardwired cameras, we can design a video security camera system that meets your security needs and budget. Fortunately, the cost of surveillance cameras has fallen considerably in recent years, even though the technology within these security cameras is better than ever.

Residential camera installation projects typically include some combination of indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Most importantly, installing surveillance equipment can help deter criminals and give homeowners a better sense of what’s happening in and around their property.

Smart Home Security CamerasSmart home security cameras can be integrated with motion sensors and send a short video clip to your smartphone whenever motion is detected, helping reduce false alarms and provide greater insights in the event of an actual burglary or break-in.

Wireless Security Cameras Vs. Hardwired Cameras

The two primary types of video security cameras are wireless systems and hardwired systems. Here’s a bit of information on how these two systems differ:

Wireless Security Cameras

Pros of Wireless Security Cameras

  • Wireless Security CameraQuality image for low cost
  • Easy to install
  • Easily moved from one location to the next
  • Remote Viewing

Cons of Wireless Security Cameras

  • Not great in outdoor applications
  • Require good wireless signal strength
  • Rely on a router (if router is changed, camera programming must be updated)

Memory Storage Considerations for Wireless Security Cameras

  • Cloud Storage
    • Pros: Safest because it is stored off-site. This makes it nearly impossible to steal.
    • Cons: Cloud storage is unable to store large amounts of recorded data. Thus cameras utilizing cloud storage only record events where motion is detected.
  • SD Card Storage
    • Pros: Gives you more storage, costs less, and it is not dependent upon an internet connection like cloud storage.
    • Cons: The only downside is, if a thief steals your camera, they are stealing your footage due to the fact that the camera houses the SD Card.

Hardwired Security Cameras

Pros of Hardwired Security Cameras

  • Home Surveillance CamerasGreat in outdoor and indoor applications
  • No need for strong wifi signal
  • Wide selection of picture quality
  • Have the ability to see HIGH detail such as license plates
  • Countless different technologies available
  • Remote Viewing

Cons of Hardwired Security Cameras

  • More expensive
  • Cameras are fixed and cannot be moved to different locations

Memory Storage Considerations for Hard Wired Cameras

  • DVR Storage
    • Hardwired cameras record to a centrally located DVR which will give you MONTHS of storage

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We are headquartered in Southern Illinois and have installed home security cameras for families across the region, and we would love the opportunity to share our many decades of security knowledge with your family.

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