Remote Monitoring

Gives you eyes on your home 24/7, even when you are away. You can monitor kids and pets or see when your package has been delivered.

Deter Intruders

The mere sight of a video camera is enough to cause a would-be burglar to choose an easier target.

Insurance Discounts

Some homeowner’s insurance companies will offer a premium discount for installing home security cameras.

Get Peace of Mind

A home security camera system will allow you to stop worrying about the safety of your home, kids, and pets.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids, and Never Miss a Memory!

Residential security cameras give you years of recorded footage of daily life, providing an invaluable keepsake. Check out the short video below and see how a front door camera recorded the precious moments of one family.


A woman remotely monitors her wireless home security system with cameras

Video Clip Text Alerts

We can install home security systems with cameras equipped with motion detection sensors. The system will text you a short video clip when it detects motion inside or outside your home. This helps to reduce false alarms and provides greater insights in the event of an actual break-in.


Keep an Eye on Kids, Pets, or Teens

A home security camera system will allow you to remotely check in on the family while running errands or keep tabs on the kids playing outside. All you need is a wi-fi signal and you’ll never again wonder what’s happening when you are away.

 A mother monitors her baby through her home security camera system and smartphone.


A technician installing a wireless outdoor home security camera system.

Rugged and Upgradeable

From video doorbells to floodlight cameras, we design our wired or wireless security camera systems to stand up to the test of time and extreme weather events. You’ll also have multiple options for easy future upgrades.


A Custom System That Meets Your Exact Needs

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all home security camera system. We will custom-design an indoor and outdoor camera system that meets the exact needs of you, your family, and your lifestyle.

A custom home security camera system.




“Security Alarm Corporation has done an excellent job monitoring my business and parents home for nearly 30 years! I recently had them equip my home and their service is second to none! They always provide excellent and speedy customer service. I would highly recommend them!”

– Michael N.

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