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We know the big guy’s “free security system” package is appealing. ADT, Brinks, Protection 1, Vivint: they have all perfected the “free” offer. If these elements are important to you, we’ll provide the same offer, but we’re going to be transparent about the offer and tell you its limits too. One of the big national companies is currently running a special for a free security system, with a $99 installation fee and $36.99 per month contract for system monitoring for three years. Security Alarm will match this offer. But we sincerely believe when you see the limited coverage provided by this system, you’ll prefer a custom designed system. This offer only includes:

  • Front and Back Door Sensors
  • Infrared motion sensor
  • Digital keypad
  • Interior siren
  • Control panel
  • Lawn sign and window decals

The limitations of the “free” system

First of all is “free” really FREE?!?

National Alarm companies work very similar to cell phone companies.  They “give” you an alarm system, charge you a sizeable monthly fee, and lock you into a long term agreement. For example, with an installation of $99.00 & $36.99/month your total cost after a 10 year period will be $4,537.00!

Although Security Alarm’s installation cost  is slightly higher, we have much lower monthly costs and do NOT lock you into long term contracts! For example  – we may charge an installation cost of $525.00 & $22.75/month with a total cost of $3,255.00 after a 10 year period!  That’s a savings of $1,282!

National “cookie cutter” systems do NOT include enough sensors to be alerted if a window is opened or if you have more than 2 doors.  They are generally “all-in-one” systems and have very limited wireless range.

If you prefer this alarm system, we will be happy to provide it, matching the offer from the national company. And we’ll provide it with experienced technicians and professional security service.

Compare Custom Systems $99 Install Offered? Monthly Monitoring Rates? System Maintenance & Service Calls
National Companies Cookie cutter customization Yes Higher Maintenance fees apply after a short warranty
Cable Company Cookie cutter customization Yes Higher Maintenance fees apply after a short warranty
Security Alarm (local) More integrated & customized Yes Lower One Year Warranty w/ Low Service Rates
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