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10 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars Posted on October 2, 2014 by

Securing your home from burglars and keeping your family safe is easier than you think. Although any home is at risk, taking a few extra precautions and implementing some basic home security techniques can take you home security to the next level. Illinois firefighter Gabriel Williams was nice enough to share 10 great tips that will protect your home from burglars without breaking the bank. If you can convince a burglar that robbing your home is going to be more trouble than its worth, then you have already won half the battle.

10 Simple Home Protection Tips from Firefighter Gabriel Williams:

  1. Lock Doors – Keep doors locked when at home or away.
  2. Lock Windows – Be sure to keep windows locked on all floors, even the 2nd or 3rd story.
  3. Exterior Lighting – Make sure the outside of your home is well lit and install exterior light timers.
  4. Interior Lighting – Install timers on interior lights that can be seen from the outside.
  5. Alarm System – Activate your alarm whenever you are away from your home and whenever your family is sleeping.
  6. Alarm Signs – Let burglars know the home is protected with an alarm sign in your yard and alarm stickers on windows and doors.
  7. Hide Valuables – Keep valuables out of sight and make sure big ticket items like flat screen TVs can’t been seen from the road
  8. Blinds & Curtains – When you are away from your home, make sure burglars can’t peek in to scope out your valuables.
  9. Lock up Tools & Ladders– Don’t leave tools around the yard that burglars could use to break into your home, especially ladders
  10. Get to Know Neighbors – Let neighbors know when you are going to be away, so they can keep an eye out for your home.

There’s More than One Way to Keep Your Family Safe

If you were a burglar and came across a home implementing all ten of these techniques, wouldn’t you consider moving on to the next home? Although alarm systems are the single best defense against break-ins, it takes more than just an alarm system to keep you family and home safe. Try to think from a burglar’s perspective and look for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your own home.

In this video Mr. Williams does a great job pointing out that we need to be especially careful to lock our doors and turn on our alarm system while sleeping. The idea of a home invasion while your family sleeps is a gut-wrenching thought. Be sure to implement these tips and share these safety practices with the entire family.

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