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6 Benefits of Hospital Security Cameras Posted on March 2, 2017 by

Hospitals are entities where literally anything could happen. They employ many individuals and are highly trafficked. The latter description makes these organizations prime candidates for high quality camera systems.

6 Benefits of Hospital Security Cameras

  1. Increase safety The fact of it is, cameras prevent crime. Someone is much less likely to vandalize, burglarize or in other way commit a crime if they know they are being watched. It also helps security officers keep a close eye on problem areas.
  2. Improves employee productivity – Hopefully your employees are hardworking individuals, but realistically we all know there will be some that are not working at full capacity. That is where cameras benefit them. Employees that know they are being watched and monitored are more likely than not to put a little more effort in than usual.
  3. Proof for false claims – There will be patients that will claim to have “injured” themselves on hospital grounds. Issues like this can be a law suit waiting to happen. Cameras can give clear footage to verify or disprove claims such as these.
  4. Resolve employee arguments – “He said She said”. Employees will argue, but once again cameras can give accurate playback to resolve these tense situations.
  5. Live monitoring – This allows employees to monitor problem areas constantly in real time from their computers.
  6. Remote video monitoring – Don’t be limited to monitoring the facilities form on sight. Remote Viewing allows the cameras to be viewed from remote locations, meaning less travel time into the office when something goes wrong.

Upgrade an existing Hospital Security Camera System for a Fraction of the Cost

Recent technology has made upgrading your camera system easier and more cost effective. In the past high definition cameras required Cat5 cables as their means of connection. What this meant was when someone wanted to upgrade their old analog system, they were required to replace all their old coax with cat5 cables in order to install new high definition cameras.

New advances in technology have made high definition cameras over coax possible! This means that upgrading an old camera system is easier and cheaper now that new wiring is not required. All customers now have to do is buy a new DVR and new cameras. All the time spent on running coax a long time ago is still paying off today!

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