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Access Control System Tips Posted on April 12, 2016 by

We believe that an educated customer is a satisfied customer. Because of this, Security Alarm always wants to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to operate your system correctly. Obviously the things you need to remember vary from one type of system to the next. For commercial access control systems, there are only a few key items that you need should keep in mind:

Backup Batterieselectronic key access system to lock and unlock doors

It is important to remember that your access control system has backup batteries within the control panels. These are vital in the case of a power outage. If your batteries have gone bad and your building loses power, then there is the potential threat that all of the doors will become unlocked. This creates a safety hazard, as there is no way to monitor who is entering the building. The life of these batteries is typically 3-5 years and should be replaced around this time.

Software Updates

Nearly all technology anymore necessitates software updates, and our access control systems are no different. Frequently, there are FREE updates that your software offers. To find out if any are available for your system, contact our office.

Access Control Data Backup

Backing up all of the access control data to the server is extremely important. Unfortunately we have had customers that have failed to do this and the result was disastrous. One such customer, a hospital, lost all of their data, log in information, and user codes. They were forced to manually re-enter ALL of their user information because of their failure to back the system up.

Log In Consistently 

This tip may sounds silly or common sense but trust me it’s not. There are some customers of ours that go months without every opening up the program on their computer. It is important to consistently log in, connect to the doors and even run a report. Without connecting to the doors via the program, any changes such as network updates will never be applied.

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