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Cellular Monitoring Keeps Homes Secure Without Landlines Posted on September 15, 2016 by

From the candlestick phone, to the rotary, to the push button, to the cordless: the telephone industry has always been one of constant change.  However, in recent years the industry is changing in a way that it never has before. It is nearly disappearing. With the saturation of cells phones, many families simply do not have home phones anymore.  There is hardly a need for them. They are a magnet for telemarketers and it is one extra bill that people are relieved to get rid of. For the people out there that still want home phones and for the businesses that need them, telecommunication companies are still providing the service but in a different way.

Fiber vs. Copper Phone Lines


Phone companies are pushing for the switch from traditional copper lines to fiber lines (Voice Over IP systems). In order to get all the lines transferred over, they are jacking up the rates on traditional copper lines making it nearly impossible to stay with them. For most, this is not an issue; switch to fiber. However, if you have a security system there is a problem.

Fiber Lines (VOIP) Not Reliable

Any monitored security system, whether burglar or fire, is not compatible with fiber. Though we try to keep people educated, many do not know that this is the case. So a common scenario is: John Doe switches from copper lines to fiber and then his system doesn’t send alarm signals to the monitoring company. He doesn’t realize his system is down until something happens and the monitoring company never calls or sends authorities. At this point he realizes something is wrong and calls his local security company and explains the issue. They ask if he has had any phone work done. He mentions that he switched to fiber, and now they have their answer. Fiber is not a reliable way to transmit signals from your system to the monitoring company.

Cellular CommunicatorWhat is the solution to the above scenario? Switching back to copper lines is not an option. However, there is a better, low cost option available –  cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring is where the alarm signals are sent to the monitoring station via the cell towers instead of phone lines. Your security company can install a device that acts like a cell phone. The signals from the panel are sent to the cellular communicator, which in turn sends it to the cell towers, where it finally reaches an agent at the monitoring company.

Cellular monitoring is beneficial in that it allows people with home security systems to get rid of their landline if they wish. It allows businesses to switch to fiber, the cheaper option, while still maintaining a secure facility. And cellular monitoring also eliminates the possibility of an intruder snipping a phone line.

For more reasons than one, our Security Alarm experts believe it is in the best interest of our customers (and everyone) to switch from landline to cellular monitoring. Have more questions about switching to cellular monitoring? Contact us online or give us a call at 618-548-5768,  we would love to talk with you more.