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Door Knocker Home Security Scam Alert Posted on September 28, 2016 by

Unfortunately there are many shady companies out there that just aren’t that “secure”. They don’t have your best interest in mind and really are intending to “rip you off”. Although “door knockers” come in all shapes and sizes, home security scam artists seem to be on the rise. Here are some key characteristics and “scams” to watch out for.


How to Spot Door to Door Scams

Young: Often times, security companies will hire college interns to go around knocking on doors trying to get people to switch security companies. There is nothing against their age per say. It is more that they simply don’t know much about the industry because they are only selling security for the summer. They can’t fully answer your questions because their knowledge base is so shallow.

Pushy:  if the sales person is unnecessarily pushy and aggressive when you open the door this should be a red flag. They will be so pushy that you might feel on edge and uncomfortable.

Sweet Deal: If a salesman promises you something that sounds “too good to be true”, then it probably is too good to be true! Nothing is “FREE”. If they promise you a FREE system, then you should know that they will raise their monthly costs in order to cover the installation cost. Again, nothing is FREE. Most things really are too good to be true.

How Shady Security Companies Scam You

Out of Business: Some of these door knockers will see your security sign in your yard, come up to your home and inform you that your security company is now out of business and insist you make the switch to a new company.

Fake ID: We have even heard that some door knockers will make a fake ID, pretend to be with the state, and inform the resident that their system is out of date. (this is not common but it has happened).

Current Company: Beware of those door knockers who are pretending to be with your current company, pushing “necessary” upgrades, or claiming that your system is at risk.

How to Handle Door to Door Scams

Don’t let them in. Stand outside on your porch if you like, but do not let them in your home. Next, call your security company. Verify this door knocker’s facts. Ask to see his ID. Even if you are 99% sure that they are being honest, you should still check into it. You do not want to fall victim to their schemes.

At Security Alarm, we will always confirm if one of our technicians or security experts need to be at your house. Do not hesitate to call us if you are ever concerned or have questions.