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Low Light Video Cameras – See Greater Detail at Night Posted on November 11, 2015 by

The majority of us have watched an old black and white movie, and most of us would also say that though it was clear it was not as descriptive as a film in color. The same is true for video camera footage. Everyone agrees that viewing video footage in color is far more telling than a black and white picture. Having color allows for a greater level of identification in video surveillance.

Conventional day/night cameras produce a color image during daylight hours but then automatically transition to a black and white image during the night. This colorless picture produces a high quality image; however, by nature, a black and white photo fails to deliver the important and intricate details that a color shot does.

Full Color Video Surveillance at Night

Let’s assume that there is a conventional camera watching a parking lot at night. Let’s then suppose that John Doe pulled up in an SUV, broke into a car, slashed the tires, and stole certain belongings. A black and white photo will catch this event, but it will fail to give certain key identifiers such as color of car, color of clothes, and what the stolen belongings looked like in detail. What can you do to get the most detailed surveillance possible during night and evening hours?

Improve Night Time Video Footage

Security Alarm has found that lightfinder technology is the solution for effectively viewing high risk areas at night. High Definition cameras with lightfinder pull what little light is present, and create a colored picture that looks almost exactly like real, day light video footage. Security Alarm would love to come out to your business or home and discuss the possibility of installing cameras that produce colored, high detailed images 24hrs a day. Sleep better at night knowing that if  an incident were to occur, the event would be captured with the greatest level of detail.

Want to see lightfinder in action? Check out the video below:

For more information on lightfinder or to find out if it’s a good option for your business, contact our security solutions experts and we help you determine which solution is best for your security needs.