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Many large facilities such as schools, factories, and distribution centers have evacuation plans and alarms in place to get people out of the facility during an emergency that is taking place inside. Inside emergencies such as chemical spills, active shooters, and fires are top priority. However many of these facilities do not have an effective system in place to address threats that may affect individuals that that are outside the main structures; whether it be at the designated smoking area,  break tables, athletic fields, playgrounds or out buildings. What’s to be done? reverse evacuation

Reverse EVAC System

Security Alarm recently begun offering what is called a “Reverse EVAC System”.  The main goal of these systems is to evacuate people back inside, rather than outside to safety. Our simple system that has a base unit and up to 4 sirens, depending on the size of your facility. On the base unit there are three different “tones” that can be sounded. Each tone is tied to an action plan. The action plans are as follows:

  • “Severe Weather Alarm” – Activate this upon any immediate or approaching severe weather that requires persons to return into building from outside and/or workplace, establish accountability, and follow severe weather protocols.
  • “Shelter in Place Alarm” – Activate this upon notification from Emergency Service Personnel, News, and/or Public Announcements in regards to outdoor hazards from chemical spills, armed subjects, etc. that requires persons to return into building from outside and/or workplace, establish accountability, and await further instruction from staff.
  • “Shelter Off Site”– Activate this upon any event in and/or near the building that requires the persons to evacuate the immediate area, report to pre-planned secondary meeting place, establish accountability, and await further instruction from staff. (a more specific example might be if there is a shooter IN the building you want to make sure everyone outdoor is told not to re-enter the building)

Police Notification

The action plans above all pertain to businesses and facilities that utilize outside facilities. If pressed, the “Severe weather Alarm” and the “Shelter in Place alarm” would not notify authorities but rather would sound only locally. However, in the event of the “Shelter off Site” alert, the police could be notified and dispatched immediately. Reverse EVAC Pic

We believe that employers, employees, students or staff should all be as safe as is possible. Today’s climate is hostile. Take the extra steps to make sure that the individuals outside the four walls of your facility are also safe from harm.

For more information on how a Reverse Evac System can provide added protection, please contact us online or at 618-548-5768.

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