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The Mind of a Burglar Posted on November 4, 2015 by

As a security company, it goes without saying that the safety and security of our community and customers is our top priority. In order to keep your home or business safe and help prevent burglaries, we want to help you understand more thoroughly how burglars think and operate. The more valuable knowledge we put in your hands, the safer you will be.

When Do Burglaries Happen?

Within the United States, there is a burglary that occurs every 14.6 seconds, and roughly 2/3 of these burglaries take place during day time hours. Subconsciously, the majority of us believe that burglars will break in at night, but statistics show that this belief is far from true. Burglars not only tend to break in during working hours, but also they tend to break in to home during working hours. Though there are many targets for burglars, a family residence could be their greatest target.

bigstock-Burglar-breaking-into-house-93762071How Do Burglars Enter a Home?

Burglars enter the fastest and least obvious way possible. Which is less obvious, using a step ladder and climbing through a high window, or simply fiddling with a lock and walking through the front door? We would all agree walking through a front door is less obvious. If we were driving down a street and someone was standing on a front porch trying to get in, and they nodded and casually waved at us, our first thought would not be “Oh my! That thief is breaking in that house.” No one expects it; this is exactly why burglars break-in in the middle of the day and thru either front doors or first level windows.

What Do Burglars Steal?

Burglars want to get in and out of your house as quickly as they possibly can. Their goal is 8-10 min. That means thieves are searching for money, jewelry, small electronics, prescriptions, and any other valuables that are easy to snatch and run!

Tips From Past Burglars

  • First, get a dog, and put a “beware of dog” sign out in the open. Yes, they aren’t beautiful signs but the truth is burglars will tell you that nearly all thieves hate dogs and far less likely to enter a home where one is present.
  • Second, it’s important that you get a real security camera to put up. Don’t buy a fake camera that places sell to trick thieves. They aren’t so easily fooled. Invest in surveillance system, but if you cannot afford a full system and least purchase a broken camera and install it in a visible spot. When installing, make sure that the wiring at least looks legit.
  • Third, in your home have a visible box where you keep some of your jewelry that perhaps looks expensive but in reality is not. You may also want to keep a small amount of money in a visible location and the rest securely hidden. As mentioned before, burglars want in and out quickly! They will grab what they see and quite possibly not take the time to search for more.
  • Fourth, spend the extra dollars (just do it) and invest in a burglar alarm system! The intruders might get the front door open, but that’s about as far as they will get without a loud alarm sounding, and you and the authorities being notified.
  • Lastly, keep your doors and windows locked at all times!

As Southern Illinois’ premiere security solutions provider, our goal is to ensure your homes, families, and offices are protected. It is our job to not only to sell you quality systems and give you great service, but also arm you with the tools and knowledge that improve your security and safety.

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