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Videofied Security System Installation for a Contractor in Collinsville, Illinois Posted on December 1, 2017 by

Man at a Construction JobsiteOver the past few months, Security Alarm Company has installed several outdoor mobile security systems that included Videofied for both contractors and excavating companies located anywhere from Collinsville in the Metro East to deep into Southern Illinois.

Both contractors and excavators find great value in Videofied systems because this security equipment can be used over and over again. When the job finishes, contractors can take the entire system with them to the next job.

Commercial Security for a Contractor in Southern Illinois

The security equipment we installed on this most recent project allows the construction companies to monitor their equipment, tools, and the project site itself while they are on the job. When the job is complete, the contractor will be able to take the entire system with them to their next job site.

We installed an outdoor mobile security system utilizes Videofied. We set this contractor up with a base video unit, a motion detector, and small keypad, all of which are entirely weather-proof. The motion detector they received can be mounted wherever they feel it is needed like; on a pole, shed, trailer, etc. Due to being completely wireless, this system has a super battery that typically lasts 2-4 years.

Detect Intruders on Construction Jobsites

The Videofied system we installed has built-in motion detectors and snaps a quick video whenever movement is detected. If a potential intruder sets off the motion detector, video footage gets immediately sent through the cellular network to a monitoring agency that decides if the signal was a false alarm or potential intruder.

If a potential intruder appears to be onsite at the location, police and the authorities are notified to investigate the job site.

Relocating Videofied Security Systems Is Easy

After this construction project finishes, the job manager will be able to quickly relocate the Videofied system to a new location that needs securing. Once again, this is why contractors and excavators find such value in Videofied security equipment.

Learn More About Videofied

Could a Videofied Security System help minimize theft and provide added peace of mind on your company’s job sites? Contact Security Alarm for more information about how Videofied may be able to help your construction company.