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What to Do If You’re in the Middle of a Bank Robbery Posted on October 6, 2016 by

It’s 11 a.m. on Friday and the weekend is almost here. You are beyond ready to bust out of the office and get busy with your weekend plans. All that stands between you and weekend is 4 hours left of work and a cash withdrawal you need from the bank. You decide to drop on in to the bank on your 11 o’clock lunch hour. Sheila is working today. She’s your favorite bank teller. You can’t wait to tell her about the big weekend bash you’re having at your house tomorrow. Your lost in your thoughts about everything you have to do when *bam* in a moment everything changes. What are the odds that you are caught in the midst of a bank robbery?  Yet here you are. So what do you do? (OK, so obviously you’re not really in a bank robbery your probably sitting in your office reading this blog, but let’s keep pretending so that if you ever are, you will have a little education on what to do).

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Types of Robberies and When they Occur

There are basically two different types of bank robbers. There are “note jobs” and “take overs”. A “note-job” is where a person in line, very nonchalantly hands the bank teller a note informing them to “give them all their money”. This is a very low profile job. Many of these bank robbers don’t even carry a gun. Their goal is to get in and out quickly and quietly. They take whatever cash the teller has in their drawer and then quickly make their way out.

The “take-over” is another type of job entirely.  This is a job that is not quiet or calm in any way. There are usually fire arms, noise, and complete chaos. These jobs are less common but the ones that need the most mental preparation for.

Bank robberies are most likely to occur on Fridays and weekdays between 9am – 11 am.


What to Do If You’re in the Middle of a Bank Robbery

  1. First, stay calm. This is easier said than done, but while in a state of panic the body wants to react while in flight and fight mode. While in the midst of a dangerous situation you do not want to react.
  2. The next tip goes hand in hand with the first. Don’t make any sudden movements. They are nervous too. They’re robbing a bank and their nerves are touchy. Sudden movements lead to getting shot by a very nervous gunman.
  3. Don’t be a hero. Everyone wants to help. Helping in most cases will not end well for you. Hold off on trying to be the hero.
  4. Don’t stare. The best thing that you can do to help the police is to notice details about the individual and the situation at hand. However, noticing and staring are two different things. If a bank robber thinks you are staring at him or her they will think that you are trying to get recognition details. This is not something you want them to think. So remember keep your eyes open but don’t stare.
  5. Lastly, remember to do what they ask you to do within reason. Don’t argue just do it. No amount of money is worth and injury or lost life.

We know that there’s no planning that can truly prepare someone for a terrible situation such as this but we hope that some of these tips have been helpful as you mentally plan for the “what ifs” in life.

A note for Bankers:

Our role at Security Alarm is to protect our community and that includes the banks that serve our neighbors and their families. We provide panic buttons and high quality surveillance systems for banks throughout the community. When our silent panic buttons are  pressed, they will alert the authorities, who will be on their way simultaneously – without alerting the robber. If authorities don’t arrive before the perpetrator flees, back up cameras may also identify the thieves and bringing them to justice.

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For more information on how you can provide a safer environment for your customers, contact us online or give us a call at 618-548-5768.