Case Study: Taylorville Estates | Security Alarm



Security Alarm install systems at countless different types of facilities, but there is something that feels especially rewarding about designing a unique system that focuses on the needs of the elderly. Knowing that we are taking our knowledge and expertise of security and using it to give them a greater level of protection, gives a feeling fulfillment. Taylorville Estates is a retirement and assisted living community that has implemented Security Alarm’s Nurse Call System at their facility and believes it to be an invaluable service.

Immediate Help

Some assisted living facilities use call system buttons only in the case of emergencies. However, this is not the case at Taylorville. It is their desire for their residents to have access to them in non-emergency cases as well; whether it be needing help to the bathroom, food etc. Because of this, each apartment is equipped with a mobile panic button which is to be pressed in both emergency and non-emergency cases. When the button is pressed, it sounds an alarm within the building. Two keypads were strategically placed within the building; one in the front and one in the back. This allows employees faster access to the keypad in order to silence the alarm.

Emergency Text Notification

taylorvilleOne of the unique features of our call system is the text notification option. Taylorville purchased two cell phones to keep on site for the use of their CNAs. When a button is pressed from a resident’s room a text is immediately sent to both cell phones giving the apt number of the alert. This feature is useful in that often when CNAs are in a room handling another situation, they fail to hear the alarm sounding. Having the text feature ensures that CNAs are always aware of the situations within the building and can get there in appropriate length of time.

State of the Art Technology

Prior to the installation of our system, Taylorville Estates simply had stationary, emergency pull cords. Though there is nothing wrong with pull chords, they are limiting in that if someone falls they have to crawl to an access point. With our system the resident carries a mobile button and therefore greatly reduces the possibility of failing to receive help in time of need. When asked how they like the system, their words were “oh it is wonderful.” We at Security Alarm always desire for our customer’s experience to be nothing short of wonderful. This was an exciting project for us, and we hope that the future brings more just like it.