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Do I Need A Home Security System If I Own A Firearm? Posted on March 14, 2019 by

As a security company, we hear this line quite often, “I don’t need security, I protect my home with a firearm.”

That idea may have some merit, but a security system can protect you in many other ways. We aren’t saying to get rid of your firearm. That is a personal choice that varies based on the homeowner. But, what we are saying is that a security system can provide added protection that a firearm may not cover.

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Get Complete Security & Protection During Life’s Most Vulnerable Moments

Consider the following scenarios when deciding if firearm ownership is sufficient security, or if you need to add another layer of protection with a home security system.

Home Break-In

Let’s say you are away from the house and your family is home alone. They are watching TV in the living room and hear glass break at the far end of the house. They can’t call 911 because their phones are in the back of the house as well. In this situation, you aren’t there to protect them with the firearm.

A security system would have activated the alarm as soon as the window was smashed.

Home Burglary

Suppose you are asleep upstairs. A thief forces open the window open in the basement. You don’t hear it. Your children are downstairs. Your gun will not help you.

A security system would have triggered the alarm as soon as the window was tampered with.

House Fire

Consider the scenario where fire breaks out in the hallway outside your bedroom. The smoke does not wake you up. The fire makes its way towards the other end of the house where your children are sleeping. A firearm does not provide any assistance in this situation.

A security system would have initiated an alarm to sound and authorities would be notified immediately.

Medical Emergency

Let’s use a live-in elderly parent as the next example. Unfortunately, s/he falls on the other side of the house. You can’t hear them, or you are away. There is nothing you, or your firearm, can do.

A security system would enable your loved one to press a panic button that they wear around their neck, and receive medical help instantly.

Covering Life’s Unexpected Circumstances With A Home Security System

The fact is your firearm can’t always help. When it can, great! However, there are too many scenarios that a security system can assist with that a simply gun cannot.

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