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Farm and Perimeter Security Posted on February 2, 2017 by

Advances in security, automation, and smart phone control have not only drastically improved home and corporate life, but it has also positively impacted the farming industry.  Before automated technology, farmers had to manually check all of their barns and machines in order to make sure all facilities were functioning properly. Security Alarm realizes that the average farmer is typically spread fairly thin. It’s hard to be everywhere they need to be at once. This is why we as a company are delving more and more into farm automation.

Specialized Monitoring for Agriculture and Farming

High and low temperature sensors

Temperature sensors can be strategically installed throughout a barn or out building in order to regulate the temperature within.  When a temperature reaches above a certain level or below certain level an alert is sent to cellular device notify that individual of the spike or drop in temperature. Monitoring the temperature not only allows farmers to keep an eye on low temps in the winters but it also allows farmers to know when their fans in the barns have most likely stopped working.

Door sensors and alarms

Sensors can be placed on any door and monitored. For example, we could install a door sensor on closet or room where certain chemicals, vaccinations, or other sensitive items are located. If the door was to ever be opened, it would immediately send a signal to your cell phone of choice. Any door with a sensor is capable of being monitored in this way. Some farmers also use this feature for monitoring when an employee enters a facility. With door monitoring, the sky truly is the limit.

Monitoring AC and Generators

It is also important to monitor the power within barns. Barns are the home to valuable assets whether it be animals or equipment.  Having the ability to receive instant notifications of power loss wherever you are could save you significant time and money. This helps farmers know of the issue immediately and address it accordingly. Similarly, we monitor generators as well.

Perimeter Video Surveillance 

Farm Security

Farm security is not limited to specialized monitoring. Many farmers use video surveillance in order to keep “an eye” around the farm. Farms are the home to many highly valuable pieces of equipment and video surveillance does its part in the protection of these items.

Farm Operations and Remote Viewing with Video

Not only do farmers use cameras for security but they also use them to monitor farm operations. Remote viewing allows farmers to “check in” on employees remotely at any time. It also gives them the capability of live viewing animal births while away. The use of cameras for farm operations truly is a long list. It essentially gives farmers a many sets of eyes.

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